Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A BATTLE OF WILLS by Jacqueline Austin Now Available On Kindle
cyberia media press Announces Its First Publication: an exploration of media during war

Santa Monica, CA, February 5, 2013/--CYBERIA MEDIA PRESS

As America enters World War II, a famous Hollywood director takes on an adventurous Nazi artiste.  Each filmmaker has been given an urgent mission.  Adolf Hitler has told his filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl, that everyone must see, via her work, that the Third Reich will inexorably take over the world.  And Army Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall has told his filmmaker, Frank Capra, that he wants it to be made clear--to the soldiers, to the people, and to the Third Reich--that the Allies understand the stakes and will squash Hitler flat.

From the Nazi rallies at Nuremberg, to the training halls of the US Army, the world stands watching, as the war plays out in the first great media arena in history.

The author of A BATTLE OF WILLS, Jacqueline Austin, has written for the New York Times, LA Times, and Village Voice, where she was nominated for a Pulitzer.  Her previous publications for cyberia media include the award-winning Treasure Island by cyberia http://goo.gl/iJSyp and numerous short films.

A BATTLE OF WILLS is the first publication of cyberia media press, the electronic imprint of cyberia media.  cyberia media (www.cyberiamedia.com) is a full service media production and content company based in Santa Monica, California.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank You RSA Conference

Thank you Sandra, Jeanne, Linda,Vince, Rupal, Josh, Sara and Bruce.

It is always a pleasure to work with such a great team that cares so deeply. This was a creatively exciting site to design; we're thrilled it accompllished its goals.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

RSA Conference Website Wins GDUSA American Web Design Award

The RSA Conference Website we designed and worked with SunRain Productions to user experience overhaul has been Awarded a 2012 GDUSA American Web Design Award.

Working with the RSA Conference is always a pleasure and the opportunity to work on their complex informational needs proved to be a demanding design challenge.

We were than tasked with establishing a flexible design that could handle multiple streams of incoming data and make it visually easy for the viewer to read and identify the information that was important to them.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Treasure Island iPad App by cyberia Wins Communication Arts 2012 Interactive Award





Treasure Island by cyberia, an animated interactive children's book for iPad, has won the prestigious Communication Arts 2012 Interactive Award for Best Interactive Entertainment of the Year.

Treasure Island by cyberia, an animated interactive children's book for iPad, has won the prestigious Communication Arts 2012 Interactive Award for Best Interactive Entertainment of the Year. This unique take on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic children's story has also won an American Design Award from GDUSA, and has been featured by Apple, in its app store, as "New & Noteworthy."
Treasure Island by cyberia is one of only 35 projects selected globally to represent the year's advances in interactive and visual design. It was chosen as one of the nine best interactive entertainment projects of the year. Half of its 90 pages are interactive experiences, narrative animations and activities.

We wanted the story to reign supreme, so we cut the text from 70,000 words down to 4,000 and updated the adventure, dialogue and characters for an international audience of all ages. The app’s look and feel are inspired by graphic novels, illustrated children’s books, cinema, literature and interactive media interwoven with three types of sensory narrative: illustration, cinematic animations and push, pull, drag and spin interactivity; the sound and effects bump the user experience into hands-on cinema, with the openness of a game. Our goal was to create an original experience for a classic tale. We think Robert Louis Stevenson would be thrilled.

Communication Arts is the largest creative magazine in the world. It is the leading trade journal for visual communications. Since 1959, to find the best work, Communication Arts has sponsored creative competitions that recognize the finest talent in the industry. Winners are selected by juries of their peers and featured online and in print. Being recognized by Communication Arts is one of the most distinguished honors in the industry.

Here’s what the judges said:
“Great use of interaction to bring life to a book. I’ll be downloading this for my kids.”
—Kim Rees, Judge

“Treasure Island thoughtfully integrates illustration and gestural exploration, reinventing a classic story for iPad. What kid wouldn’t want to read this? .”
—David Wright, Judge

The Communication Arts 2012 Interactive Annual is available in print and online at commarts.com.
The book is available in the Apple App store.
Watch the trailer to preview the interactivity and animations.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Len Adleman, mathematician, for RSA Conference 2011

This is one of 12 short, stylized video graphic interviews with the pioneers of modern cryptography for RSA. These videos are a prelude to a longer, more indepth historical piece that will premier at this years RSA Conference at San Francisco's Moscone Center.

Len Adleman is a terrifically smart, articulate mathematician who along with Ron Rivest and Adi Shamir, invented the RSA Algorithm. As is clear in this short piece, Len was a pure joy to speak with. 

Trailer for our iPad App Treasure Island